Development of the Peoples’ Health Observatory.
Create a European Preventive and Active Public Health Plan.
Promotion of events and training actions in educational and preventive health in epigenetics based on the 4 pillars of the UN for the Millennium Sustainable  Development:


Strategic Action Plan

  • Create public-private partnerships, promoting creative axes for health development and sustainability, active citizenship, through international and national partnerships (eg municipalities, parish councils, academic institutions and others).
  • Promote events and training actions in educational and preventive health in epigenetics.
  • Participate and develop research projects in health, society and citizenship.
  • Develop literacy actions in health and citizenship inclusive of human values ​​in social media strategies.ia.
  • Develop and disseminate videos and digital information in e-learning content.
  • Develop a free access Virtual Library, with the registration of research projects in health, carried out in a hospital environment and develop a repository of the literary content of the works of the Public Library, “Comendador Sebastião Alves”, founder of “Atral-Cipan”.
  • Create a Commission of Ambassadors (honorary, patron and institutional members) for the creation of a network of health professionals, focused on the “HUMAN BEING”, inclusive, humanistic and that acts in the promotion of active citizenship, (training multipliers).

European Parliament

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