Public health in a vision of action and prevention

Peoples’ Health Observatory


Epigenetics, Preventive Health, Peoples Study, Health Education and Immunity.

This project belongs to the European Association for Educational and Preventive Health in Epigenetics, AESEP. (Dr. Paula Mouta is President of the Board and Author of the project).

It has a research headquarters at the Saint Louis Hospital in Lisbon*.

The OSP’s “Virtual Library” with free access, where all research projects carried out in the hospital will be registered, will be in charge of LaBest -Piaget, LabResearch / Development Projects H2020 and Sociedade Connect of the Piaget de Almada Institute.

The OSP team, based at HSL, has qualified professionals in; medicine, pharmacy, financial and project statistics, web design and digital platform, photography and infographics, agricultural engineering, international marketing, social journalism and health research, social responsibility, social and economic entrepreneurship, citizenship education and social law.

It is an Investigation project that aims to study Health and Citizenship habits, evaluating the factors of epigenetic influence on food health and lifestyle habits of the population (nutrition, vaccines, pain, autoimmune and inflammatory oncological processes, human values and social conditions).

This work will be developed in 10 countries, of which 4 are European (Mainland Portugal and Madeira and Azores Islands, France, Spain and Italy with the inclusion of migrant populations from the 10 countries to be assessed), 5 Africans (Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe) and 1 in Central America (Brazil – Northeast CE).
It will last for 5 years, with the first 3 being entirely dedicated to European countries.
This scope therefore requires support and agreement from the European Parliament, UN, UNESCO and UNICEF.

AESEP, awaits the support and partnerships of several academic and public and private health institutions, in order to sustain the resources that are necessary for the development of this trajectory.
Their author and team intend to develop, after the results obtained, practical and active actions of educational health and literacy, aiming at the concept of prevention and sustainability of the populations.

AESEP intends to count annually on the support of the World Medicines Summit, for public presentation of the results obtained each year, in addition to international scientific publications and in the virtual library of the Peoples’ Health Observatory.
An Educational Health platform will also be developed at the level of school education, technical-professional and extracurricular higher education, which will start during the year 2020.
Part of this educational context will be realized as a television program with the title: “Five Minutes of Good Living Practices”.

The OSP, has the contribution and participation of Dr. Maria Teresa Flor de Lima – Physician with the Competence in Pain Medicine by the Order of Doctors and Master in Palliative Care and Member of the referred Group – as Director in Research and also as President member of the AESEP General Assembly.
Dr. Maria Teresa Flor de Lima, states that all citizens are potential patients and must understand that prevention is one of the best ways to take care of themselves and the planet.

Labest, HSL, Jaqueline Silva, Andreia Rodrigues, Ana Rita Ilhéu, Filipa Falcão, Diogo OM, Paulo Rojão, Fernando Rocheta, Rui Oliveira, Sofia Fonseca, MariaTeresa Flor de Lima, César Rodrigues, Manuel Duque, Mariano Votta.



AESEP – Since 28 January it has become; Member of ACN Italy, Active Citizenship NetWork, which is a Member of the European Parliament’s Interest Group on “European Patients’ Rights and Cross-Border Healthcare”. Represented by Dra Paula Mouta and Dra Maria Teresa Flor de Lima

AESEP is now responsible for holding the EUROPEAN HEALTH & EPIGENETIC FORUM every year in Portugal, where the “EUROPEAN DAY OF PATIENTS ‘RIGHTS” is celebrated.

This year 2020 is celebrated on the 18th of April, at the close of – see program on the 18th


*as mentioned by Agência Lusa and Rádio Renascença, in the presentation made on August 6, 2019.